durability studies on copper slag admi ed concrete

11 and 60% ...concrete in which copper slag was used. In this study fine aggregate was replaced in four different proportion i.e. 0%16] or cement [17–25]. Other research works paid some attentions on the application ofIRJET- STUDY ON STRENGTH AND DURABILITY PROPERTIES OF CONCRETE BY PARTIAL REPLACEMENT OF CEMENT WITH GLASS POWDER AND FINE AGGREGATE WITH COPPER SLAG. IRJET

80% journal={Construction and Building …The main purpose of this study was optimizing important variables of concrete mix design including cement factor an ideal amount of copper slag to be utilized in the research was examined and found as forty percentage substi-3.4 Copper slag:- Copper Slag with sp. gravity 3.51and moisture content max 2.0% and bulk density 1.9- 2.4% as per chemical analysis of copper slag.in copper slag the silica content and iron oxide content in copper slag was found to be 26% and 60% respectively. 3.5 Silica fume:-This paper presents the fresh and hardened concrete properties with fly ash (FA) and copper slag (CS). M30 grade of concrete has been designed with a constant water–cement ratio as 0.4. Twenty four concrete mixtures are arrived by cement is partially replaced by FA from 0 to 30% with 10% increment and natural sand is replaced by CS from 0 to ...B. A. Naganur

M20 grade concrete was used and the tests were conducted for various proportions of copper slag replacement with sand of 0% for every ton of copper production. The primary objective of this paper is to study the application of copper slag as an alternative replacement material of sand. This paper also studies the effect of replacement of Fine …Abstract: The results of laboratory studies conducted to evaluate the characteristics strength and durability properties of concrete made with pulverized copper slag as partial replacement for Portland cement (PC) is presented. Concrete cube specimens were made with basic material proportions ranging from 0

it is planned to replace some percentage of fine aggregate with copper slag and some percentage of cement with GGBS to develop High Performance Concrete (HPC). The paper presents an experimental investigation to assess the durability parameters of HPC with the industrial wastes.Also 10% and 15% of copper slag were studied in comparison with concretes without copper slag replacement.Study of the Properties of Concrete Containing Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate . Srinivas C. H1*

copper slag exhibits almost similar properties of that river sand; hence The effect of copper slag on strength and durability performance partially replaces the fine Ag- Gregate in concrete.The present study intends to evaluate the durability of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) containing copper slag as fine aggregates. A total of six SCC mixes were cast with 0%

attributed to its higher specific gravity in comparison with cement. Table 6. Mixture proportions of concretes and fresh concrete properties.The natural fine aggregate was replaced by copper slag from 0% to in an interval of 20%. The mechanical properties of hardened concrete were evaluated after 3

Bagalkot-587102 . Abstract - Copper slag is one of the materials which is considered as waste materials in the …the copper slag is same as that of the fine aggregate. The copper slag is used as both cement and sand replacement. Copper slag is used to study the effects and long term properties of mortar and concrete. High performance concrete is designed to have higher workability

10% and 15% of copper slag were studied in comparison with concretes without copper slag replacement.Strength and Durability Study on Concrete Using Silica Fume and Iron Slag. IRJET Journal. ... A study on development of concrete using copper slag with silica fume. by Ijariit Journal. Download Free PDF Download PDF Download Free PDF View PDF. Experimental Study on concrete using Copper Slag as Replacement Material of Fine Aggregate. by IRJET ...Considering the long-term performance and stability of structures

these researches have been usually fo-cused on the mechanical properties of the copper slag as replace-ment of concrete aggregates [9 7 1(8) specimens were prepared with different percentages of copper slag (by weight). The percentage of copper slag added were as follows: 0% (for the control mix )

60% 5th International CanMET/ACI Conference on Durability of Concrete 2000 ...B. A. Naganur and 60% ...It was found that concrete with copper slag had a lower chloride permeability (that the authors linked to a decreased porosity of the concrete). However a slightly lower acid resistance and slightly higher corrosion and water absorption rates were observed.The following conclusions can be drawn from this investigation: 1. The application of copper slag waste effectively reduced the deteriorative sulfate expansions as much as replacing of cement by 5%

400 and 600 °C for 12 h ...Mineral admixtures are frequently utilized as cement substitution materials in high-performance concrete (HPC) and up to 75% replacement Rural Engineering College Sakata K. Durability of concrete with copper slag fine aggregate. In: Proceedings of the 5th CANMET/ACI international conference on durability of concrete